High Performance Coal Slime Crusher

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PCN series hammer slime crusher is a slime crushing equipment developed by our group on the basis of hammer crusher according to market needs to ≤ 20mm particles, expanding the usage scope of the slime crusher.

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The motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed through the transmission system to hit the slime filter cake, the screen is located under the rotor, the slime filter cake interacts with the screen through the hammer head, the refined slime particles pass through the screen holes, and the large particles of slime filter continues to be beaten and broken by the rotor on the screen.


PCN series hammer slime crusher is mainly composed of electric motor, hydraulic coupling, rotor, casing, frame, screen, hydraulic opening device and other components.

The motor adopts ABB/SIEMENS brand products with reliable quality; The rotor is composed of main shaft, bearing, rotor disc, hammer shaft, hammer head and other parts.

The hammer head rotates flexibly on the hammer shaft to effectively strike and cut the slime filter cake;

A hydraulic opening device is installed on the casing, which is convenient to open the casing and repair and maintain the equipment.


A hydraulic coupling is arranged between the motor and the rotor, which has the effect of soft start, overload protection and shock mitigation;

The hammer head is made of wear-resistant alloy material and has a long service life;

The screen is made of wear-resistant plate, and the screen hole adopts a gradual structure from small to large, and the particles are uniform, and it is not easy to jam;

The casing is equipped with a cleaning device to clean up the cemented slime in the crushing chamber and prevent material blockage;

The equipment is equipped with a hydraulic opening device, which can open the side plate on both sides of the casing to facilitate cleaning and maintenance of the crusher; equipped with material blocking alarm and electrical control safety protection to avoid equipment damage caused by abnormal operation.



Input size(mm)

Output size (mm)

Capacity (t/h)

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The coal slime filter cake pressed by the high-pressure filter press, we can design according to the customer's processing capacity, discharging particle size and installation space to meet the needs of customers requirements.

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