China Coal & Mining Expo 2023

Time: 25th, Oct. 2023 -28th, Oct. 2023

Place: New China International Exhibition Center (NEIEC) Beijing, China

Booth No.: E4108

Contact: 0086 189 3158 2978

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Tangshan Tianhe Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech entity enterprise integrating scientific research, development, design, manufacturing, service and consulting. The main business includes coal crushing technology and equipment, non-coal crushing technology and equipment, drying environmental protection technology and equipment, intelligent control technology and equipment, etc. It is a high-tech enterprise, a national specialized and special new "little giant" enterprise, a single champion enterprise in manufacturing industry in Hebei Province, a science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise in Hebei Province, and an industrial design center in Hebei Province, in addition, the company also has a number of qualifications and awards, and has won many awards from governments or institutions at all levels.

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2PLF mineral double tooth roller crusher can be customized according to customer needs, with the dual function of screening and crushing, the crushing teeth adopt spiral arrangement, the two rollers rotate relative to each other like a grid sieve, which can screen out the materials smaller than the particle size of the product, crush the large piece of material, avoid the defects of coarse and fine material doping and crushing, high product block rate, low crushing rate, thereby reducing the waste of resources. The equipment can also be used to move the crushing and screening production line, realize the overall movement of open-pit mining equipment, intelligent visual production, and build the project into an efficient and intelligent environmentally friendly production line. (It will be shown during the Expo.)

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